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[채용정보] Head of Division - Radiological Protection and Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety, OECD
  • 작성자국제보건연구센터
  • 날짜2020-07-23 14:58:03
  • 조회수174

분야: Health/Medical Science(보건/의학) / Science & Technology(과학기술) / 기타(기타)


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Academic Background  

An advanced university degree in a discipline relevant to the work of the Division, such as radiological protection, public health, sociology, communications, or anthropology. 

Professional Background  

At least ten years of relevant working experience with assignments in the areas such as radiological protection or human aspects of nuclear safety, preferably with at least some of it in an international context. Regulatory and/or policy experience is an asset. 

Proven success in managing and motivating professional staff and experts in a teamwork context, ideally within a multicultural environment.

Demonstrated ability to interact with senior governmental and scientific officials and to represent the Agency in high-level meetings, conferences, and other venues.

Proven ability to write high-quality and to speak effectively and compellingly before high-level audiences.

Experience in working with the international nuclear community is a distinct advantage, particularly a working knowledge and understanding of the activities of organisations such as the NEA itself, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the European Commission and the World Association of Nuclear Operators.




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